High quality aluminum piping system for compressed air, nitrogen gas and other inert gases. Sizes range for 20mm to 80mm with working pressure of 188 PSI at 100F.

Pipe Construction

Ductile aluminum alloy 6060T6, Density 2.7kg/dm3. Outer coating is blue epoxy and lengths are 19.7'.

Fitting Construction

Body: Polyamide and Aluminum, Seal: Nitrile, Pusher: Polyamide, Nut: Polyamide, Lock Ring: 316L Stainless Steel.

Labor Saving

Fast and easy to install and modify.

Energy Efficient

Smooth passages and sealed connections supply highly efficient air flow for life-long energy savings.

Superior Air Quality

Non-corrosive materials deliver cleaner air that prolongs the life of air tools and production equipment.


Durable, shock-resistant components help build a lasting, high performance compressed air piping system.