Scroll Multiplex

Oil-less, 3 to 60 Horsepower - Available in Multiplex modular designs, integral carbon monoxide monitor, integral dew point monitor, corrosion resistant ASME receiver tank, UL listed NEMA 12 demand control system, high ā€œEā€ motors. Low pressure alarm system, modular design, electric moisture drain, aftercoolers with moisture separator. These packages also offer dual refrigerated or desiccant dryer systems with a medical compliant filter system.


Oil-less, 1 to 60 Horsepower - Available in duplex, triplex and quadruplex modular design. Single and two stage, basic compressor design meets NFPA 99 requirements and also complies with EPA health standards. Operating pressures to 150 PSIG, completely oil-less, utilizes totally sealed bearings, Teflon-composite compression and rider rings. Specifically designed for clean air applications ā€” Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories and Dental Offices.