Particulate Filters

Remove harmful oil/water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from the compressed air system. Particulate elements are rated for 40 or 5 micron. Particulate filters are installed upstream of regulators to prevent valve failure. They are also used as pre-filter to oil removing and coalescing filters to insure high efficiency and long element life.

Oil Removing Filters

General industrial filters with low pressure drop and long element life. The element offers a very good level of oil removing capacity down to .9 micron.

Coalescing Filters

High filtration of oil aerosols and sub micron particles. Removal of particles down to .01 micron. Often used with instrumentation, paint spraying and where air blows on the finished product.

Activated Carbon Filters

Removal of oil vapor and hydrocarbon odors giving a maximum remaining oil content of .003 PPM. To ensure proper filtration, the activated carbon filter should not be installed without a particulate and coalescing filter upstream.


Designed to reduce and maintain the downstream air pressure to a given piece of equipment. There are two basic types:

  1. Relieving Regulators which can be adjusted from a higher pressure to a lower pressure. Relieving regulators exhaust the downstream air pressure through the regulator itself.
  2. Non-Relieving Regulators will not allow the air pressure to escape from the regulator. The air must be exhausted downsteam by a valve or air gun. Most general purpose regulators are adjustable from 0 to 125 PSI. Other pressures are available upon request.


Designed to inject lubricating oil in aerosol form into the compressed air steam. The aerosol helps lubricate pneumatically operated equipment such as air tools, valves and cylinders — reducing maintenance cost and extending equipment life.

Most standard lubricators are Fog-type, which produce oil particles as large as 2.5 micron fog droplets. The entire droplet is injected into the air stream helping to lubricate the intended equipment. Ultrafog or Micro-fog lubricators produce oil particles as small as .4 micron. The oil droplet is atomized to a fine mist and is collected in the area above the oil in the bowl before sending the lighter particles down stream. Ultrafog or Micro-fog lubricators are designed to suspend the lighter oil particles in the air stream for long distances.